Richard Taylor with the Queen's Baton

The big day came to carry the baton through the place I have the joy of living in, and amongst the people who are in my community.


I really enjoyed the build up with the other baton bearers... all a bit nervous but feeling proud. It's all about the 'spirit of friendship' and that was the case for me.

Passing it on to me was Ibby Robertson, who has been the janitor at my kids school... and with that has fixed their bikes, found their lost scooters, coached them in footy, etc and all the other things not listed in their job description. I passed it on to local football coach David Black who puts ridiculous amounts of his time into getting kids into football and always manages to find a good word to say, regardless of how rubbish they are. The other baton bearers were young people I've worked with over the years, including Maria Lyle, a disability athlete who is now a double world record holder. There was a great atmosphere on the streets of Dunbar as it passed through. A lot of people showed their support and it meant a lot to those of us on the bus.

BBC News livestream

The day ended with a celebration concert at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, featuring a good selection of dance and music from around the world and final farewell to the baton and this awful uniform.