“I had to learn to do everything in God’s strength because mine wasn’t enough.” Becca Holt decided that summer 2014 would be all about serving God through SU Scotland. Read about why she chose to volunteer and find out just how it all went.

I have grown up going to SU events and they have been really important in the growth of my faith, so for a long time I have wanted to get involved in helping to run them. This summer I knew I was going to have a lot of free time - I finished my exams in mid-May and didn’t start university until September (just to make you all jealous!) so it seemed like a great opportunity to dedicate a summer to SU’s ministry.

I went to Basecamp at Kingscross and then went on to be a trainee leader at Glenshee, Alltnacriche and Kingscross as well as helping at my church holiday club. Being a leader was so different to being a camper in ways I hadn’t expected – it was amazing to work on such incredibly different teams at incredibly different events and still find them all so dedicated to the kids who came, and to sharing our incredible God with them.

The training at Basecamp was so useful: both the practical stuff, like how to lead a small group quiet time or how to run a games session, and the Bible teaching. At one event with a larger group of trainees we had mentors who asked us what we found difficult or felt we wouldn’t be able to do. When it got to my turn I said I didn’t feel I would be able to lead sports. Next morning I was on the board to lead outdoor games! This was a tiny bit terrifying. But my mentor came along to encourage me and help me out and actually it wasn’t as scary as I’d thought. In fact, don’t tell him this, but I really enjoyed it. Turns out the ‘all things’ we can do with Christ strengthening us even includes organising sports…

I learnt over the summer to rely on God much more. At my first camp I think I tried to do it on my own, all confident from the great training at Basecamp, and I just got completely exhausted. I found I simply couldn’t do it. I had to learn to do everything in God’s strength because mine wasn’t enough. I learned to pray expectantly because I could see that the team’s prayers were being answered all over the place.

For me the best part of being a leader was guiding small group discussions. At KX6 we had some great discussions with our group who really seemed to grasp and be awed by the love God has for them and the wonder of what he did on the cross. They also asked us to pray they would have courage to stand for him in their homes and schools.

And perhaps the most rewarding for me was seeing one of the boys in my holiday club group who had never set foot in church before now coming along on Sundays with his Mum and Dad. COmMISSION equipped me to be part of the great things our God is doing in this nation through the work of SU Scotland. Who God is and what God has done is good news to these children and I know God will work in their hearts to grow the seeds sown there and build his kingdom in Scotland.

Written by Becca Holt, SU Scotland volunteer