We loved having Mahbuba, one of the SU family in Tajikistan, with us last month. She had the opportunity to meet many of our supporters and thoroughly enjoyed their warm welcome and generous hospitality. Mahbuba was especially encouraged by new interest and support. For me, it was a tremendous honour and privilege to look after her and so very encouraging to be in her company and hear first-hand of all the amazing details of how the Lord is leading, guiding and caring for them all.

Mahbuba in Uddingston

During her time here Mahbuba visited Uddingston Park UF, where our Prayer Coordinator Elizabeth McDowall attends church. Elizabeth tells us,

It was wonderful to meet Mahbuba, having prayed for her and her family’s ministry for so long. It was challenging to hear her testimony and the struggles conversion brings in her culture, particularly to young women. Her stories of God’s personal care and provision are inspiring, as is the breadth and width of the ministry they are involved in. They need our continued prayers!

Mahbuba with Helen

Please will you continue to pray for Mahbuba’s family and the rest of the SU family in Tajikistan? The next few months are very busy for them:

  • April – work in the clubs and Easter programs.
  • May – beginning work on campsite and meetings with clubs.
  • June – opening of the campsite
  • July – guests from England to the campsite.
  • August – staff trip to Scotland camp.
  • September – preparing for seminar and conference of Central Asian countries
  • October – Central Asian conference
  • November – guests from USA visit, preparation for Christmas.
  • December – Christmas programs in schools, kindergarten, universities, and in the village.

After a long stopover on the way home, Mahbuba was met by her very excited family at the airport with flowers, followed by a welcome home fiesta/party with lots of catch up, cake and Tajik food!!

Written by Phyllis Caldwall, SU Scotland International Committee Chair