Thank you to all the Bible Alive Activators and Supporters who gathered in Perth on Saturday 1st October. This day was part of the process of Bible Alive being transferred to being run by SU Scotland, and was a chance for existing Bible Alive activators and supporters to find out more about SU Scotland and how Bible Alive fits into the overall strategy.


We worshipped and prayed together, listened to Bible teaching from Andy Bathgate, ran through the Rhyme & Sign to update activators on a few changes, and enjoyed lunch together.

There was also the chance to share ideas, and a number of activators gave demonstrations of parts of the lessons they do in schools with everyone else taking on the role of the children!

We went through a song about creation, heard the story of Joseph being told with a variety of costumes and props, re-enacted Moses crossing the Red Sea, listened to the story of David and Goliath in the form of a poem and taking part in dramas to tell the stories of Daniel and Zacchaeus. It's always great to see the variety that people include in Bible Alive lessons and I think everyone picked up some new story telling or resource ideas.

It was encouraging to hear stories of Bible Alive being used in schools in Airdrie, Edinburgh, Peterhead and Westhill and of the positive response from staff and the impact that is being made on the pupils that are part of the lessons. It was good also to take time to pray for one another in the work we're doing with Bible Alive.