Bible AliveBible Alive is an interactive programming taking young people through the whole story of the Bible. We’ve been loving how children react to it, and wanted to share some of their feedback with you!

What have you learned from doing Bible Alive?

"God is amazing"

"God always keeps his promises"

"God is always with you"

How has Bible Alive changed the way you think about the Bible?

"It sticks in my head in a good way"

"It has changed because I did not understand half the things"

"I used to think the Bible was boring but now it's fun because of Bible Alive"

"It has been told in the funniest way"

"At first I thought the Bible was boring but now I think of it being very exciting"

"I'm thinking a lot about Jesus and God and am going to read the Bible"

"Bible Alive has changed my fear into confidence"

"I am now reading the Bible and am on Mark"

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