At Basecamp at Kingscross on Arran I learned about how to become an SU camp leader. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this experience.

EilidhWe settled in and were split into small groups that we would be in when doing various activities throughout the week. We learned a series of practical and spiritual teachings that would be helpful when leading a group of our own. We were shown how to plan and lead games sessions, operate the camp bank, run the bookstall and even how to wash the dishes and clean the toilets! 

We also learned how to deal with different situations that may arise with campers. We were given the chance to lead worship, give our testimony and deepen our faith in Christ. Alongside this we were guided in how to handle teaching and discuss the Bible with young people, lead and care for a small group, act responsibly on our own and in a team and how to be an all round servant-hearted leader. 

I can definitely say that after a week at Basecamp I know how to be on time, ensuring that I’m not late for important meetings, especially in a camp setting! We were given time to read the Bible and worship together as well as spend our own time with God peacefully each morning to reflect on everything we learned. At free time we got to know the other trainees better and it was great to meet so many new people that will hopefully be friends for life.

I was able to use the skills and knowledge I had learned at Kingscross and apply it during an SU camp at Lendrick Muir in the summer. I thoroughly enjoyed this camp, meeting new groups of campers and leaders but also knowing that God is always with me when things don’t go the way I planned. With this help I was able to manage my group well, making sure they were getting the best out of camp and feeling they went home having learned something new and wanting to return to the reunion later in the year.

Being a trainee leader at LM1 was great! I really enjoyed sharing the word of God and having fun with my group as well as getting to know the other leaders. The highlight of my week was seeing my group grow in their faith and interacting well with each other.

After this experience I feel I have become more confident when speaking in front of people and I learned a lot more about my faith and trust in God.

Written by Eilidh Horn


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