Psalm 14

Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good! The Lord looks down from heaven on the entire human race; he looks to see if anyone is truly wise, if anyone seeks God. But no, all have turned away; all have become corrupt. No one does good, not a single one! Will those who do evil never learn? They eat up my people like bread and wouldn’t think of praying to the Lord. Terror will grip them, for God is with those who obey him. The wicked frustrate the plans of the oppressed, but the Lord will protect his people. Who will come from Mount Zion to rescue Israel? When the Lord restores his people, Jacob will shout with joy, and Israel will rejoice.

What situations can you think of, at the moment, which are laced with corruption?  Where is there an absence of recognition of God’s existence?  Where is evil going unchecked?  Are these global situations or found in circumstances much closer to your world?  Could you be described as wise?  As one seeking after God?  The Psalm tells us that God is with those who obey him, that he protects his people, that restoration is coming…

Questions for thought and discussion…

  • How can you bring God’s wisdom into ungodly circumstances and situations?
  • How can we help to cultivate wisdom in our young people?

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