Praying togetherAs I write this the nation is rejoicing! Sporting success at the Olympics and Paralmpics, topped by Andy Murray's stunning victory in the US Open have been the cause of much celebration. Many young people this past summer have been "running the race" in a different sense. Did you know that:

  • Around 1600 young people aged 9-18 attended an SU Holiday?
  • Over 400 under 18s attended CLAN?
  • Hundreds more attended other denominational camps, holiday clubs and missions?

Where are these young people now? They are in our schools!

There is no big celebration, but we are behind them, cheering them on. They are the ones who are living out their faith in the classroom, where it is often hard and temptations to give up are strong. Many will falter. Others will stagger on, refuelled by church and youth groups Sunday by Sunday but keeping their heads down in between. Many more however have their sights on the winning line. Folks like the teenage girl who posted on her Facebook page:

"Knowing Jesus is like wearing glasses. Without him I don't know I am missing anything, but with him I see everything so much clearer."

Or the P7 boy who wrote, "The SU Holiday helped me most with trusting Jesus when I tell my pals I love Christ." These pupils are fired up in faith and have returned to school eager to live for Jesus there. They need our prayers. They can't see us cheering them on, but we join the "unseen cloud of witnesses" (Hebrews 12:1) in helping them run the race.

Words by Elizabeth McDowall. Elizabeth is SU Scotland's Prayer Coordinator, and would love for you to join her in praying for local schools.