February might sound early in the year to be preparing for the holiday season, but a group of young people got together at Basecamp in Pitlochry last month to think about mission and service in Scotland, making the most of the time to learn from the team, from each other, and from the Bible.

Young people at Basecamp Pitlochry

Part of the COmMISSION programme, the weekend training event was a great opportunity to discover just what is involved in becoming a trainee leader at SU Holidays & Missions. The majority of delegates had taken part in SU Scotland events, but are now at the point of considering a volunteer role.

Wondering what they thought of it...?

How would you describe your overall experience?

Basecamp: entire experience

How would you describe the worship?

Basecamp: worship

How would you describe the teaching?


Basecamp: teaching


What have you learned about training for leadership this week?

All the small scenarios that may happen and how to deal with them. That my biggest role is really to care for the group, to support and encourage them. I have learned that I need to, if I want to really impact and share my faith, I need to focus everything in my life on God. Be confident, content and set a good example to others To be honest and give the best I can – not compared to others. It helped me to gain the tools to aid in answering any questions I may be asked. To focus on God and what he says. How to deal with different situations and how to be a part of a team. I have learned that it can be fun but your purpose is God and to teach children. Preparation skills. To be a servant and to show the care of Jesus. To let God use me in whatever way he chooses. That it's harder work than I had thought but also seems much more rewarding. Be confident and God will use your words.

There's more COmMISSION events running in June, so it's not too late to join in the adventure!