We woke up full of excitement this morning looking forward to the activities for the day. We all had breakfast together before heading out to do various different outdoor activities. The groups were learning lots of survival skills such as fire lighting, foraging and shelter building. Alan, our instructor told us that we were going to be foraging for food and we found out that nettles are edible. Then to our surprise he told us that we were going to eat what we found. That was a shock to all of us. Guess what we made NETTLE SOUP!!!! It was very tasty.

The purple and yellow groups headed over to Loch Morlich for water sports in the afternoon. We got changed into our wetsuits got told how to use our paddles and set off across the loch with our instructors. At first some of us felt a bit nervous but our confidence grew as we got going. By the end of the afternoon we all were kayaking and canoeing like experts. The orange group were with Sarah, one of the instructors and we made bee shelter for bees to go into. Right now bee numbers are dropping and we have to try and help them to increase in number. Then we went off on our bikes to explore and find a spot to put our bee shelter in. The bike ride was really good with great views and we could see the mountains clearly. It was so beautiful. We can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow.

Written by pupils from Ellon Primary School, during the visit to Alltnacriche in June. Originally posted on the school website. Find out more about bringing your school on a Classroom Outdoors residential.