I've often been asked 'How many schools do you cover in your area?' To which the reply must be 'Do you want me to have cerebrovascular accident?'. I cover Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Argyll & Bute - I imagine the number is sizeable but visiting every school is thankfully not my remit.

What about a Monday? Develop material for Pray for Schools - SU Scotland heads this up, and it includes prayer events throughout the year. Take P5 class as they look at Easter... might even take my guitar in to do a song or two...

On Tuesday: Pop to Asda to buy things for the Last Saturday event at the weekend (obviously in the real non-blog world this would be last minute on Friday). Visit SU group and meet with a volunteer afterwards to chat about the 'schools live' web page material. Get email from minister interested in setting up a new school SU group.

Wednesday? Prepare materials and plan itinerary for working in Argyll schools next month.

It's Thursday: Get ready to run a weekly SU group at a local school. Meet minister about a school assembly plan-we have chaplaincy meeting tomorrow. Watch DVD and write materials for my Easter camp.

Friday? Reply to emails, have a coffee and catch up with colleagues. Attend Chaplaincy meeting. Visit another SU group. Write a new update for my web page. And finally, prepare for next weeks classes...