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This year we will be part of CLAN Gathering, Saturday 11th July to Thursday 16th July at Kelburn Estate, Largs.

CLAN is changing the marketplace; here is some more information from them:

“New Wine Scotland (CLAN) is here is to facilitate connection points for Christian ministries, churches, leaders and families.

People often talk about ‘going to CLAN’ but when we are at a CLAN event together, we actually are CLAN: Christians Linking with other Christians from Across the Nation.

We want to think of an event like a patchwork quilt. The patches of the quilt are all the people involved. Everyone works together to serve the body. Overall this will positively change how an event feels to the people that attend.” 

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We are really looking forward to being part of CLAN Gathering and hope you are able to come.
Visit for more information.