“I didn’t think I’d get even £100.”

Rosamond Wall recently marked her 60th birthday, and as part of her celebrations, she set up a Facebook fundraiser for SU Scotland. Rosamond has worked in the Finance department at SU for three years and is passionate about the work we do. She chose SU for her birthday fundraiser to raise awareness and reach out to people who might not know about the organisation. “It was a way for people to understand my work,” she said.

But was it difficult to set up the fundraiser? “No! It was really easy,” Rosamond says. Facebook gives standard options for goal amounts and page text. Once it was set up, she shared it with her friend list, and that was that.

Rosamond was surprised by the number of people who donated, especially friends and family who live far away, “and wouldn’t normally send me a birthday gift.” The fundraiser ran for a month, and in that time a total of 21 people donated £530 to the work of SU Scotland. What a blessing!

All the money donated through a Facebook fundraiser go directly to SU Scotland – Facebook waives fees for non-profit organisations. They also give donors an opportunity to mark their contributions for Gift Aid.

When asked if she would consider doing a Facebook fundraiser again, Rosamond said, “Definitely! It’s an easy, different way to reach out, and it was successful.”

Could you run a Facebook fundraiser on SU’s behalf for your next birthday or special occasion? Find out how.