gap year Ukraine tripOften I'm asked how I spend my time... that is often incredibly challenging to answer as it seems that no two weeks are the same. That is true not just of my role but for each es-team worker... we are blessed with variety of opportunity, relationships and locations in our work. Let me share a few highlights of the last few months for me with you - not all have taken place in Edinburgh. At the beginning of February, we finally made an appointment to the Missions Development Manager post - a day in which we met quality candidates and finally offered the post to Tim Raynes who has begun work in the past week. Shortly after that I had the tremendous privilege of taking our current gap year to Ukraine to work with Open Bible for nearly two weeks. We couldn't foresee what would happen whilst we were there as the events of mid-February unfolded in Kiev. We were safe and despite roadblocks, long queues, no metro and threats of petrol stations closing we were able to travel freely and carry out the vast majority of our planned programme.

Our most moving moment was being able toAviemore at Easter pray with a pastor in the prayer tent at the heart of Independence Square which had been the scene of so much loss of life only a few days previously - I don't think any of us will forget that moment of expressing dependence on God and crying to him for mercy. Last term too, as es-team, we headed to Lendrick Muir for our large Primary/Secondary weekend. What joy to meet many young people who had been there last year and continue to share the gospel with them. Alongside a weekend camp Gavin, Lesley, Zonya and Katy were in schools helping unpack the true meaning of Easter with countless children. Lesley, Katy and I were involved in camp at Aviemore this Easter. Most of the team were returning and more than half of the campers were also returning to this holiday. None of us were prepared for the transformation we saw, particularly in two young people. Both had been challenging at times last Easter but both shared clearly with leaders this year that God has helped them manage their anger and emotions. I'm delighted to say that we saw the Lord powerfully working in many of the young people who joined us that week. Praise God. We can't do any of this without your prayers - thank you!

Words by Jackie Ringan, Associate Director of Regional Ministries. Join Jackie's prayer newsletter mailing list.