Stephen JonesThe month of October was a varied and interesting one – highlights include running a half marathon, shooting my support services colleagues, reaching the grand total of 64 AMBASSADORS, doing star-jumps in a kilt, and planning a new SU holiday over a burrito. The month started with me, Trish Archibald and 14 others running the Great Scottish Run 10K or Half Marathon to raise money for a great charity you may have heard of called SU Scotland (thanks again to everyone who sponsored us). The afternoon was spent eating, showering and recovering, before Trish and I were reunited at the first ever Firewall. The new SU Ayrshire youth event was brilliant and the speaker was able to share an amusing anecdote about how he ‘almost’ burnt down the Milton Street office!

Everyone has a colleague that now and again they would like to point a gun at! To help ease this tension the Support Services department went to the LaserZone at Braehead for a team-building afternoon of merrily running around in the dark shooting one another. If you ever find yourself engaged in some sort of futuristic laser warfare, it is worth noting that Steve McCrum is a good man to have on your side. Stephen & EmmaAt this point, you might be forgiven for asking why ‘Church Partnerships’ appears in my job title. Over the past month my main focus has been trying to increase the number of church representatives we have. I have been meeting, phoning and emailing our Action Groups, our Regional staff and our volunteers as they help me to achieve this task. We now have 65 AMBASSADORS signed up to be our link with their congregation, and I’m hoping the bell will be festively ringing away as we approach Christmas (we literally have a bell in Milton Street that I get to ring every time someone signs up)!

Somehow I also found myself wearing my kilt, my suit jacket, a shirt, a tie and a see-you-Jimmy hat and doing a range of physical exercises in front of a camera. More than Gold were making a promotional video and needed someone eloquent and engaging to promote the new Fit for a King missions material. I have a sneaking suspicion that being a helper when the mission was trialled in Scone, working in Glasgow that Wednesday, and sounding distinctly west-coast might have been the real reasons for me getting the gig.

Ski Camp 2013Booking for the Austria Snowsports Holiday opened online on the 25th October and encouragingly the first 24 spaces booked up within 24 hours. Since then the trip has been steadily filling up with only 4 spaces now remaining. I’ve also been exploring the idea of a surfing holiday at Scoughall for summer 2014. After a few emails, I went to Edinburgh on the last day of October to meet Brian Allen (leader of the Soul Surfers group at Central church and Scottish contact for Christian Surfers UK). We chatted over a burrito and SUrf Camp was born – running from the 28th June to the 5th July 2014.

Written by Stephen Jones, Church Partnerships Coordinator. Read more about church partnerships.