This year God blessed our Open Bible camps in Crimea in a wonderful way. The summer was filled with unexpected blessings.

Open Bible

The weather is a critical factor for canvas camps. Things like storms, high winds, hail and rain can make life in tents very difficult. In previous years inclement weather was quite common. This year, when we were setting up the campsite there was occasional light rain and it was cool for the whole week, which made our work easier. But during the four camps that followed there was not one drop of rain. Only one kilometre from us there was heavy rain, but it never reached our camp! Is that not a miracle from God!!!

This year we had the biggest camp in the whole history of our campsite – up to 60, which is quite a lot for a canvas camp. God blessed us with volunteers who were committed to serving him, who gave their all and who delighted the children and glorified God. It was nice to welcome many children from previous years. But it was a special joy to see children who were in a Christian camp for the first time. In one of our camps for the first time we had a team from Britain. They were wonderful people who were bold enough to take part in God’s work here despite the linguistic and cultural barriers.

Open Bible

We were not without difficulties, but God helped us to get through them. There were lots of conflicts among the children and we had problems with some children’s behaviour. Our own children were sick quite a lot, but God gave strength to my wife and I to enable us to do our ministry in spite of everything. Thank you for your prayers! God generously answers them! Thank you to all those who helped to make these camps take place.

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