Former SU Scotland Gap Year Participants

On Saturday 22nd September we had a very special gathering to celebrate 21 years of the Gap Year! Sadly not everyone who has done a Gap Year with SU Scotland was able to attend, but there was a great turnout and we had a fantastic afternoon hearing about the programme’s history and enjoying good food! The Gap Year has had various names over the course of its 21 years and we had representatives from Reachout, Year Team and Gap Year.

There were some amazing memories shared of how God used them during their year and stories of how the experience they gained has stayed with them and shaped who they are. We heard stories of being called to step out of your comfort zone and being used by God to impact the lives of children and young people; alongside stories of crazy drama sketches, seeing how many people and guitars can be crammed into one car and filling emptied tins of dog food with chocolate bars for Assemblies! We also saw some impressive examples of the various team t-shirts and jumpers that have been used over the years!

As the new Gap Year Coordinator it was a wonderful opportunity to hear about the rich history of the programme and to meet so many of the people who have benefitted from it. As we look forward to launching a new Gap Year it was great to be able to draw on the experiences of past participants and get more of sense of what God is saying about how he wants to shape our new programme.

The new Gap Year will be launching soon and will have a strong missional focus based on Matthew 5 and our call to be salt and light. I am very excited to see how God is going to use the new Gap Year to impact the lives of the participants as well as the children and young people they will work with. I look forward to the next celebration in 20 years time and hearing about all the amazing stories of how God has been at work then!

Words by Charis Scott. Charis is our Gap Year Coordinator, working hard on the launch of a new programme. If you know anyone interested in a gap year, please point them in our direction.