Not your typical tourist destination

When asked if I was going away this year and I responded with “I’m going to Ukraine”, I was met with many quizzical and puzzled faces. For Ukraine isn’t the typical British tourist destination, even less so now that the country is technically still at war in the East.

SU Scotland in the news!

Scripture Union Scotland featured in a Special Report in Wednesday's Kirkintilloch Herald.

Soul Survivor Scotland – bookings still open!

We’re delighted to be hosting this amazing youth event at Lendrick Muir once again from 5–9 August 2017. Over five fun-filled days we'll worship God, hear from his word, and pray for one another. Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft will...

Getting ready for Rwanda, 4 years on

In 2013, my life changed. Many things happened that year: I finished school, got rejected from universities, got my first job, and went to Rwanda – the thing that shaped who I am now the most.

Cause to be thankful

We often talk about the impact made by our prayer supporters and volunteers. We recently saw real fruits of this support at Scoughall & Kingscross. Back in May there was a massive amount of development and maintenance work needing done...

Growing the team of donors - an old aquaintance

All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus. Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who...