Stories from life: how does God speak today?

I am not long back from Italy, and boy, can Italians talk! Sitting by the pool surrounded by different nationalities lying quietly sunbathing or reading, one Italian family stood out. There was a constant stream of chatter between them all...

MSYP Missives

Hello everyone, One of the things discussed at the most recent Sitting was the need for urgent change to the way Religious Education is taught in schools, particularly for those beginning their education (i.e. in primary school). I am sure...

Volunteer profile: Lindsey

I asked Lindsey Stirling, one of our volunteers, a few questions recently... How did you first get involved with SU Scotland? I first got involved when I was in P5 and someone at church told me about a weekend away...

Let down the nets

Jesus’ ministry is overflowing with stories about fishing. For many years Mary Gargrave, Deaconess at Carnwadric Church, dreamed of taking children fishing to teach them more about Jesus. A few months ago, God provided the opportunity she needed to move forward with her dream.

"I found that I was confident enough to chip in"

I had been to many SU Holidays as a camper and had always got a lot out of them, coming away feeling encouraged and inspired to find out more about who God was and what difference it would make to my life. I wanted to learn more about what being a leader involved so that I could try to encourage other children the way I had been.