Heart of the Matter

Our Prayer Coordinator, Elizabeth, was recently interviewed on BDFM radio programme Heart of the Matter. She shares about her own experiences growing up as well as how she got involved with SU and what her role now entails.

CLAN Gathering

We had a fantastic time at CLAN Gathering a couple of weeks back - we even managed to get our deckchairs outside for a while one day! Check out a few photos from our week...

Building relationships & community with young people

Relationships are crucial to our faith development. It isn’t a private thing, it grows, is challenged and nurtured by being with other people. I just completed an MA in childhood and youth studies and was privileged to do a little bit of research as part of that with young people in a Church of Scotland congregation. These young people spoke of the relationships with older people in their congregation which were life giving, however they also craved community with peers who were Christians. How we relate with young people and the communities we build with them matter. If it takes a village to raise a child it also takes a whole church to nurture young people in the faith.

Return to Hungary

This year another team will be heading out from Holyrood Evangelical Church to join SU Hungary in their summer camps. We will be travelling out together but going to two different camps, which run from 13- 17 July. We are all eagerly looking forward to returning and spending time with the children (aged 6-14). It's a wonderful opportunity to teach the Bible, give English lessons and share God’s love. Once again we thank you for your encouragement and support and invite you to remember us in prayer during this time.

With the Gideons at Arran High School

I’ve enjoyed a couple of visits over to Arran this term. Once to visit and take part in Messy Church at Whiting Bay Church, where I met Evelyn who goes into Arran High School with the Gideons. We got talking...

A patch on the CLAN quilt

This year we will be part of CLAN Gathering at Kelburn Estate, Largs. People often talk about ‘going to CLAN’ but when we are at a CLAN event together, we actually are CLAN: Christians Linking with other Christians from Across the Nation.