10,000 reasons

We know this psalm to be one of David’s but the surtitle doesn’t give us any more information as to when it was written and in what context. I would love to know what had just occurred to inspire such words! Had he won a great victory? Was he celebrating the birth of a son? Was life just generally good?

Christmas Houseparty

Catch a glimpse of our Christmas Houseparty.


I have a suspicion that sometimes we are very small-minded when it comes to the things of God. Now I’m not advocating a health, wealth and prosperity gospel, but I suspect that in our Scottish context we are likely to expect (and ask for) way less of God and his goodness than he is longing to give.

SU Holidays 2015

We're so excited about this years holidays... watch the trailer below, and get booking!


When I think about the universe, it isn’t too long before my head starts to turn itself inside out with the effort of attempting to fathom the unfathomable! The sheer size and scale of the known universe is simply mind-blowing – and then to even consider the unknown universe sends my brain into meltdown. And this psalm seems to suggest that the heavens’ job is to declare the glory of God – to reveal knowledge about him to the ends of the earth.

God, my rock

This is a fairly lengthy psalm and I did consider cutting it down for this morning’s blog, but which bits would you leave out…? It’s such a powerful picture of God’s majesty and power, but also of his graciousness to, and concern for, us. The picture of God as rock has been a powerful one for me personally in the last year.