Sparkling eyes

What makes your eyes sparkle? What do you feel made to do? When do you feel God’s pleasure? The Westminster catechism states that ‘The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever’. It sounds to me like a life lived along those lines might make your eyes sparkle! 

Cause to celebrate

Autumn is upon us, but we look back to a wonderful summer of celebration. Memories remain of glorious Glasgow sunshine and a successful Commonwealth Games. Many of us also have fantastic memories of church missions and holiday clubs. An initial 250 copies of SU Scotland's holiday club resource 'Fit for a King' quickly sold out, with over 400 copies finally being bought.

Building God's kingdom in Scotland

“I had to learn to do everything in God’s strength because mine wasn’t enough.” Becca Holt decided that summer 2014 would be all about serving God through SU Scotland. Read about why she chose to volunteer and find out just how it all went.

So humbling and inspiring

Experienced volunteers Eilidh and Andrew got married at the start of the summer. Did that stop them volunteering? Not at all! This summer was very exciting for us as a couple. Firstly, we got married! And a close second in terms of excitement levels were the God-given opportunities to join teams at three different SU Holidays between us. We did two together, with Andrew signing up at the last minute to do an extra one.

Praying the promises

From my perspective as a leader I felt Strictly Deeper was well structured and had a good mix of content all of which helped the young people to focus on prayer. Having been along last year, I felt this year's programme had much more direction and purpose which actually gave the kids more confidence to participate.

Against the flow

When was the last time you felt alone? A sole believer in a sea of unbelieving hearts. Do you feel that you are constantly going against the flow – wouldn’t it be so much easier just to go with the current? Jesus is clear that following him isn’t the easy choice – it’s the narrow road and few find it, he says.

Passing the baton

Christine Murison recently retired after 33 years of unstinting service – just before she left, she summed up what SU Scotland will look like post-Christine.

Bonkers trust

I guess it sometimes looks frankly bonkers to trust in the Lord when, humanly speaking, there seem to be other options. In this Psalm, David seems to be being counselled to run for the hills – it looks like his only way of escape.


When was the last time you were helpless? It might have been when a loved one was sick or upset; perhaps in a work setting; maybe the last time you watched the news. We all feel helpless from time to time but actually, maybe it’s something we should feel and acknowledge more: we are helpless!