Carrying the Queens Baton

The big day came to carry the baton through the place I have the joy of living in, and amongst the people who are in my community. I really enjoyed the build up with the other baton bearers... all a bit nervous but feeling proud. It's all about the 'spirit of friendship' and that was the case for me.

European connections

Earlier this spring, SU workers Andrei & Natasha from Ukraine visited us in Scotland, and across the UK. Here's a few of their reflections on the trip.

Trusting in God

In the middle of February we were expecting a group of young people from Scotland. The situation in Ukraine was difficult and tense, but not critical. We were asked: “Is it safe to come?” and we answered: “Yes”.

In the prayer tent

At Strictly Come Praying in March, we had a quiet prayer gazebo where young people could sit quietly, read the Bible, pray silently, or ask for prayer. Some young people did ask for prayer, and there was a real sense of God's presence within the tent.

Look up to the God of heaven

This past session it has been a great joy for me to see the enthusiasm of the children who attend the weekly SU Group at my local primary school. They are fantastic children: chatty and friendly, enthusiastic, exceptionally supportive of one another.

Easter in St Petersburg

Dear friends, I want to share with you how God is continuing to do miracles through the ministry of SU in St Petersburg and Murmanskie Vorota.

A month in the life

Often I'm asked how I spend my time... that is often incredibly challenging to answer as it seems that no two weeks are the same. That is true not just of my role but for each es-team worker... we are blessed with variety of opportunity, relationships and locations in our work.

MSPs go Wild in the Park

Holyrood experienced a very different kind of parliamentary gathering last week as MSPs and young people pitted their wits against each other to celebrate learning in the great outdoors.

26 miles on

Katy, our intrepid IS worker with es-team, ran the Edinburgh marathon last month with a heart to raise both funds and the profile for SU Scotland in this familiar event. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported her and to give you a quick glimpse of the finishing moments.


We were delighted that our LaunchPad events held over the spring attracted such wide audiences. With over 100 at each of the Glasgow and Edinburgh events and 50 in each of Aberdeen and Inverness; the desire for holiday club training around our nation is clear!

A greater impact

For more than thirty years we have had the privilege of working with young people in the Pilton and Muirhouse area of Edinburgh and are now excited to be working on some new developments there!

Brothers & sisters in Ukraine

When you think of God’s family, how far does that family stretch for you? Is it your closest Christian friends, your youth group, the members of your congregation or the entire church in Scotland? But how often do you think of the family of God on an international scale?