To sleep in peace

Last week we thought a little about those who misrepresent us and about how we find our true identity in God’s truth rather than the world’s words. But what do we do with our attitude towards those who would rejoice in our destruction. This Psalm seems to point us in the way of some answers.

Who are you

When was the last time you were misrepresented? When someone shared with the world a picture of you that wasn’t accurate? How often do you feel the scorn of others – convinced that you can never succeed? The world just loves to tell us who we are and what we can and can’t achieve.

Has it really been a year

As one gap year ends and another begins I have been looking back and reviewing the last year. I remember sitting down at training this time last year with Calum, Kirsty G, Kirsty M and Mark and telling them that their gap year would fly by; I was met with 4 disbelieving faces.

Under pressure

How often do we find ourselves identifying with the theme of the beginning of this Psalm – feeling attacked, under pressure, marginalised The reality is that, as God’s people, we can expect to feel like this until Jesus comes again in glory and every eye and heart recognises him as Lord of all.

Rooted in the word

Welcome to this first blog post specifically aimed at those working or volunteering in an SU Group. What you do is so vital to the work of Scripture Union Scotland (and the kingdom of God!) and as a schools’ worker I want to do everything I can to support and encourage you in your role.

Volunteers eye view

We love SU Holidays! We volunteer as group leaders, which means taking responsibility for a small group of young people for the week. It is amazing to spend time with them talking about God, having fun doing new activities, and being part of a unique Christian community for a week.

26 miles on

Katy, our intrepid IS worker with es-team, ran the Edinburgh marathon last month with a heart to raise both funds and the profile for SU Scotland in this familiar event. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported her and to give you a quick glimpse of the finishing moments.

Brothers & sisters in Ukraine

When you think of God’s family, how far does that family stretch for you? Is it your closest Christian friends, your youth group, the members of your congregation or the entire church in Scotland? But how often do you think of the family of God on an international scale?

The Rock

'The Rock' is the new SU Group that started in October at Liberton Primary School. The idea of beginning an SU Group was first mentioned in a chat between two Christian parents in the playground.

Our future in Christ

Our Christmas Houseparty brought together 70 senior pupils and school leavers for two nights between Christmas and New Year. They were led through a teaching programme on our future in Christ looking at his return, his judgement and at heaven.

A month in the life of a church partnerships coordinator

The month of October was a varied and interesting one – highlights include running a half marathon, shooting my support services colleagues, reaching the grand total of 64 AMBASSADORS, doing star-jumps in a kilt, and planning a new SU holiday...

The Gap Year Challenge

We officially started our new gap year programme on 19th August with 2 weeks of training up at Alltnacriche, near Aviemore. We had a great 2 weeks together learning about how to have a godly character from some Old Testament...