When I think about the universe, it isn’t too long before my head starts to turn itself inside out with the effort of attempting to fathom the unfathomable! The sheer size and scale of the known universe is simply mind-blowing – and then to even consider the unknown universe sends my brain into meltdown. And this psalm seems to suggest that the heavens’ job is to declare the glory of God – to reveal knowledge about him to the ends of the earth.

Where he has been

David is not afraid to say it how he sees it. He is brutally honest in the Psalms. He doesn’t hold back from cataloguing just how awful things are and how wretched he feels about them. Yet he’s also unstinting in his praise of God.

Give thanks

Much of David’s life saw him in tricky situations – some of them of his own making, some down to the sin of others. This Psalm seems to be set against such a backdrop – he starts by asking God for refuge. However, in this Psalm, he chooses not dwell on the things that are going wrong and coming against him, but rather on the goodness and faithfulness of God. 


I had some interesting discussions with some young people over the summertime, who couldn’t get their heads around why God couldn’t just change the rules and let us off. We were talking about how, in our fallen state, we can’t come near to God in his holiness and perfection. Water and oil can’t mix. Light destroys dark. 

Are you wise

Where is there an absence of recognition of God’s existence? Where is evil going unchecked? Are these global situations or found in circumstances much closer to your world? Could you be described as wise? As one seeking after God?

Sparkling eyes

What makes your eyes sparkle? What do you feel made to do? When do you feel God’s pleasure? The Westminster catechism states that ‘The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever’. It sounds to me like a life lived along those lines might make your eyes sparkle! 

Against the flow

When was the last time you felt alone? A sole believer in a sea of unbelieving hearts. Do you feel that you are constantly going against the flow – wouldn’t it be so much easier just to go with the current? Jesus is clear that following him isn’t the easy choice – it’s the narrow road and few find it, he says.

Bonkers trust

I guess it sometimes looks frankly bonkers to trust in the Lord when, humanly speaking, there seem to be other options. In this Psalm, David seems to be being counselled to run for the hills – it looks like his only way of escape.


When was the last time you were helpless? It might have been when a loved one was sick or upset; perhaps in a work setting; maybe the last time you watched the news. We all feel helpless from time to time but actually, maybe it’s something we should feel and acknowledge more: we are helpless!

For richer for poorer

I wonder whether you find it easiest to maintain a conversation with God when you are in need or plenty? I suspect that most of us are in fairly frequent communication with our heavenly father when we need something or are in a tough situation but are somewhat quiet the rest of the time.

That is all

I am sitting trying to think of something suitably inspiring to write… and I can’t! It kind of says it all, doesn’t it? The more I think about creation, the more it turns my brain inside out. My 11 year old son loves to talk about the possibilities of the multiverse (or meta-universe) but I can’t even get my head around one – let alone infinite possibilities!

Just do it

I ventured on an SU camp for the first time along with my three children. None of us had been to an SU camp before but we had heard rave reviews and we were all keen to go see what it was like. We had a whale of a time!