Meet Zonya Bewick

My first contact with SU was at CSSM, which I went to as a child, and years later, as a leader. I also regularly attended SU in my school as a teenager, and enjoyed camps and weekends. For the last 5 years I have been a leader at Bonaly Primary School SU Group which I have loved being part of.

My WOW story for 2013

How good would it be if some of our children could go to North Berwick to SU primary camp in May? That was the challenge we were given last Christmas. We knew that not many of the kids would be able to pay the £50 cost for the weekend, so we started praying.

It is good to learn about the Bible

Right about this time of year, groups of primary 6 and 7 children in Airdrie start to get excited. Okay, everyone gets a bit excited at the beginning of February as there is a mid-term break coming up, but teams of six children in four primary schools are looking beyond that.

The Rock

'The Rock' is the new SU Group that started in October at Liberton Primary School. The idea of beginning an SU Group was first mentioned in a chat between two Christian parents in the playground.

Our future in Christ

Our Christmas Houseparty brought together 70 senior pupils and school leavers for two nights between Christmas and New Year. They were led through a teaching programme on our future in Christ looking at his return, his judgement and at heaven.

What is this babbler saying

“What is this babbler saying? We need to make sense of it?...” Acts 17:18 GO Conference is a national conference for 4th to 6th year pupils who want to grow in their relationship with God and understanding the Bible. During...

Resourcing our local schools

It's been great to work alongside chaplains in recent weeks who are gearing up for being involved in their local schools, helping them with their Religious Observance (RO) programme. The curriculum requires RO events throughout the school year and, in...

Following Gods blueprints

Over the last few years, Christian youth in Dumfries have been inspired to take a lead role in local events such as a weekly senior-school-year bible study, school SU Groups, and a 24/7 prayer room. Back in September 2012, we...

Bible Alive has changed my fear into confidence

Bible Alive is an interactive programming taking young people through the whole story of the Bible. We’ve been loving how children react to it, and wanted to share some of their feedback with you! What have you learned from doing...

Unlocking the Easter Code

Chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies may feel like a long time ago, but it's little over a month since we were working alongside churches to run Easter Code programmes for their local schools. In the midst of a busy week,...

Religious Observance debate on Radio Scotland

SU Scotland staff Kathryn Campbell and Phil Wray were on the airwaves of Radio Scotland on Friday as part of the Call Kaye phone-in show, where the question being asked was: “Should religion be banned from assemblies in Scotland's non-denominational...

A 10th Anniversary Special

It's hard to believe that this autumn marks my 10th year of working with SU Scotland in the North Highlands, Western Isles & Orkney area - time has flown by! As I look back on the last decade there are...