Trusting in God

In the middle of February we were expecting a group of young people from Scotland. The situation in Ukraine was difficult and tense, but not critical. We were asked: “Is it safe to come?” and we answered: “Yes”.

Easter in St Petersburg

Dear friends, I want to share with you how God is continuing to do miracles through the ministry of SU in St Petersburg and Murmanskie Vorota.

A month in the life

Often I'm asked how I spend my time... that is often incredibly challenging to answer as it seems that no two weeks are the same. That is true not just of my role but for each es-team worker... we are blessed with variety of opportunity, relationships and locations in our work.

Brothers & sisters in Ukraine

When you think of God’s family, how far does that family stretch for you? Is it your closest Christian friends, your youth group, the members of your congregation or the entire church in Scotland? But how often do you think of the family of God on an international scale?

A taste of heaven

I grew up in what is now Zimbabwe. One of the formative things in my spiritual development was when, 10 years before independence, Scripture Union decided not to separate the work it was doing with Africans and Europeans. For me, as a teenager attending the equivalent of the ‘GO Conference’ it was mind-blowing to meet African young people with similar interests, hopes and concerns as I had.

A miracle from God

This year God blessed our Open Bible camps in Crimea in a wonderful way. The summer was filled with unexpected blessings.

Going to the places where there is the greatest need

Vera has been the leader of Scripture Union’s work in St Petersburg since 2001. She visited Scotland in October, taking time to renew old friendships and share some of the needs of SU in Russia. Hilary Phillips, editor of @SU,...

Rwanda here we come

In his recent newsletter, Phil Wray shared the following text about his imminent trip to Rwanda: In about a week’s time I will be leading a team of 13 to work in partnership with SU Rwanda for 3 weeks. It...

I so liked reading the Bible

An update from our friends in SU Moscow on their recent Winter Camp. The camp was called “Not just Christmas trees”. We were talking about celebrations. What else could one talk about between New Year and Christmas? The idea was...

Updates from SU Armenia

An update from our friends in SU Armenia. [Click images to view full size]

Armania news 2012 Armenia Youth meetings autumn 2012

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Every tribe, language & nation

I travelled the 6633 miles from Edinburgh to Kuala Lumpur along with Gordon Brown (our Board Vice Chair) and staff colleague, Esther Bailey. Don’t ask me anything about KL, unless you want to know about the Summit Hotel and the...

I Support SU International - Bill Roberts

I support SU International because it has a thoroughly Biblical approach which can fit into any kind of situation anywhere in the world. The good news of the gospel as summed up in John 3:16 is relevant to any kind...