Christian Values in Education new website

After a year's hard work, the brand new Christian Values in Education website launched earlier this month. Here is SU Scotland Chief Exec, Andy Bathgate, to introduce it... It is described as a "one-stop shop website" for Christian teachers, schools...

Top tips for starting uni

Do as I say not as I do. I learn by doing, therefore learn by making mistakes. Maybe this life methodology is why I am a sceptical follower of advice and fashion. But being over 30 and a father, I am in a position to liberally douse any victim who happens to be in the way with advice, even though I would scarcely have heeded it myself.

Big Celebration photo gallery

On 22 August we had our annual 'Big Celebration' at Lendrick Muir. It's the culmination of all the summer activities; a chance to stop in our tracks... thank God, and celebrate the amazing things He has done through SU Holidays...

In God We Trust

We've got some friends who've made an incredible new worship record called In God We Trust. The band wants to put profits from this worship album towards mission work and they've decided to donate £3.50 every time they sell an album to our supporters - that's you!


We had a brilliant time at Soul Survivor Scotland, and were so blessed to see Lendrick Muir used as the setting for over 750 young people meeting with Jesus throughout the week.

Old men dream dreams

I have some very strange dreams. I was recounting one of the worst the other day. It was a dream I had well over 10 years ago and it involved biker pigs (stay with me here). The members of this tattooed ovine club relentlessly chased me. As I ran and ran, the dream progressed and I filled with dread of the physical violence that would surely be bestowed upon me, for no discernible reason.

CLAN Gathering

We had a fantastic time at CLAN Gathering a couple of weeks back - we even managed to get our deckchairs outside for a while one day! Check out a few photos from our week...

A patch on the CLAN quilt

This year we will be part of CLAN Gathering at Kelburn Estate, Largs. People often talk about ‘going to CLAN’ but when we are at a CLAN event together, we actually are CLAN: Christians Linking with other Christians from Across the Nation.

Our favourite digital tools

With so many of us carrying around smartphones and tablets now, we thought we'd introduce you to a few of our favourite tools for digital Bible engagement.

Changing the place of Bible reading

About twice a year I choose to take a day out from regular SU work – a kind of retreat. Over the years, I’ve walked up hills, meditated in chapels, or spent a day in silence; but this time I...

A spacious place

“Into your hands I commit my spirit…” Some of Jesus’ last words as he hung on the cross, in order to bring God’s cosmic rescue plan to completion, and found here in the words of David to his God. David knows that his spirit is safe only in God’s hands. He declares that God has kept him safe from the enemy and set his feet in a spacious place.

Heavily defended

We keep our hearts well defended, at least that’s my experience. The more we are hurt, the tighter our defences become. The more we give our hearts away and are disappointed, the more we keep them heavily guarded. This phrase about the gates lifting up their heads made me think of men defending a gate, keeping their heads down, not even looking at what might be approaching.