A jam-packed weekend

Each October, Lendrick Muir fills up with senior pupils eager to go deeper in discipleship, learn to lead, and play hard! We love this weekend and the community it creates among us all!

Taking responsibility

I headed to Basecamp in June 2014 knowing only two of the twenty people joining me for the week. By the end of the week I had met and befriended everyone, many of whom I’ve met up with since at...

Being a servant-hearted leader

At Basecamp at Kingscross on Arran I learned about how to become an SU camp leader. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this experience. We settled in and were split into small groups that we would be in...

Christmas Houseparty

Catch a glimpse of our Christmas Houseparty.

Has it really been a year

As one gap year ends and another begins I have been looking back and reviewing the last year. I remember sitting down at training this time last year with Calum, Kirsty G, Kirsty M and Mark and telling them that their gap year would fly by; I was met with 4 disbelieving faces.

Learning to be humble

When I say 'pride' what do you think of? Does it make you think about a spiritually weakening, self-centred view of the world?

Trusting in God

In the middle of February we were expecting a group of young people from Scotland. The situation in Ukraine was difficult and tense, but not critical. We were asked: “Is it safe to come?” and we answered: “Yes”.

Our future in Christ

Our Christmas Houseparty brought together 70 senior pupils and school leavers for two nights between Christmas and New Year. They were led through a teaching programme on our future in Christ looking at his return, his judgement and at heaven.

What is this babbler saying

“What is this babbler saying? We need to make sense of it?...” Acts 17:18 GO Conference is a national conference for 4th to 6th year pupils who want to grow in their relationship with God and understanding the Bible. During...

The Gap Year Challenge

We officially started our new gap year programme on 19th August with 2 weeks of training up at Alltnacriche, near Aviemore. We had a great 2 weeks together learning about how to have a godly character from some Old Testament...

An early start to the holiday season

February might sound early in the year to be preparing for the holiday season, but a group of young people got together at Basecamp in Pitlochry last month to think about mission and service in Scotland, making the most of...

It's like having a second Christmas

Christmas may feel like a distant memory now, but we couldn't let our Christmas Houseparty go by without a mention! We asked Heather to share a few thoughts with us... "Come, let us tell of the LORD's greatness; let us...