Prayer Is....

Prayer is... Sit still, clasp your hands, Shut your eyes tight Mind goes blank Distractions flow Concentrate with all your might! What should I say? Where should I start? Take deep breaths Focus the mind Still my beating heart Prayer...

Praying for your local school

We were really excited to see the Pray for Schools Scotland initiative recognised in the Scottish Catholic Observer recently. You can read the story here. Young people spend the majority of their waking hours in school - far more than...

Stories from life: how does God speak today?

I am not long back from Italy, and boy, can Italians talk! Sitting by the pool surrounded by different nationalities lying quietly sunbathing or reading, one Italian family stood out. There was a constant stream of chatter between them all...

God's call to serve in schools

For months now I have been feeling like God was calling me into some sort of leadership; I just wasn’t sure exactly what. As well as sensing this calling myself, other people had leadership vision for me. When I was...

Schools prayer group focus

Fiona Wright from East Dunbartonshire tells us about her schools prayer group, made up of folks from different churches.

Speak Lord, for your servant is listening

The first Pray Together! was held in Aberdeen in November. Anna attended the event and, along with others, explored the Bible story of Samuel. Here she shares its impact on her family.

God isn't just confined to church

God isn't just confined to church, he's interested in your daily life - that's the message of Back to School with God Sunday.

Cause to celebrate

Autumn is upon us, but we look back to a wonderful summer of celebration. Memories remain of glorious Glasgow sunshine and a successful Commonwealth Games. Many of us also have fantastic memories of church missions and holiday clubs. An initial 250 copies of SU Scotland's holiday club resource 'Fit for a King' quickly sold out, with over 400 copies finally being bought.

In the prayer tent

At Strictly Come Praying in March, we had a quiet prayer gazebo where young people could sit quietly, read the Bible, pray silently, or ask for prayer. Some young people did ask for prayer, and there was a real sense of God's presence within the tent.

Look up to the God of heaven

This past session it has been a great joy for me to see the enthusiasm of the children who attend the weekly SU Group at my local primary school. They are fantastic children: chatty and friendly, enthusiastic, exceptionally supportive of one another.

A pupils view of schools prayer

Andy Bathgate (SU Scotland CEO) and Elizabeth McDowall (Prayer Coordinator) recently visited the weekly prayer service held before school at St Bartholomew's Primary, Coatbridge. The prayer service is organised and led by a group of pupils under the leadership of...

Interview with Head Teacher

In the recent Pray for Schools Scotland update we interviewed a Head Teacher from a primary school in Dunbartonshire. This is what he shared: Can you tell us about your school? The school is a small primary in a 'deprived'...
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