Edinburgh Marathon - startKaty, our intrepid IS worker with es-team, ran the Edinburgh marathon last month on 25th May with a heart to raise both funds and the profile for SU Scotland in this familiar event. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported her and to give you a quick glimpse of the finishing moments. Amazingly £1,251.40 was raised! Some of you might recall that the weekend of the race didn't have great weather. In fact, there were flash floods in Edinburgh on the day of the marathon and at the start line Katy explained that she specifically prayed not to get wet.

There was a true answer to prayer, since despite the dark black clouds which loomed ahead of her and poured down over the runners who were both ahead and behind her, she didn’t get wet at all during her 5 hours and 15 seconds venture! If anything she remembers that the bright hot sunshine of East Lothian, from Prestonpans onwards, was too hot at times. Edinburgh marathon - finish line

Katy explains that the whole event "was something else!" and quite vividly remembers the very sore moments at miles 22 and 24. Mile 22 was the lowest point, where she had had to walk for a few minutes, but there was another lovely answer to prayer here: standing together on the pavement cheering her on were the fond and familiar faces of Jackie, Zonya, Lesley and Kirsty. What a boost that was & something never to be forgotten.

Could you consider running the Edinburgh Marathon next year for SU Scotland? It would be great if there was someone to pass the baton on to.