For me, some of the best times have been when I’ve been involved in a ‘hands on’ way at the centres. My usual role involves admin, which isn’t always very thrilling, but on occasions ‘they’ let me out of the office and I get the opportunity to get my hands dirty! On these occasions I’ve been doing laundry, sorting lost property, organising games boxes or cleaning the dirty office at the Lendrick Muir store. At other times I have enjoyed cleaning toilets, dorms and kitchens at our sites at Kingscross and Scoughall. Some would question why these occasions are highlights of my 10 year stint with SU Scotland, but somehow it makes me feel more of a part of the big picture.

Another favourite memory is getting to the top of the pole in the high ropes course with the Holidays team or completing the tree climb at Lendrick Muir. I’ve enjoyed cooking at camps and weekends and being a general helper too, but mostly the thing that keeps me coming back to work day after day, year after year, is the relationships that I am privileged to be part of in the office and further afield.

As for the coming year? More booking forms, archiving, phone calls etc but beyond that... who knows!


Written by Moira Ritchie, Holidays Admin Assistant