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A Brilliant Opportunity...

SU Holidays during Easter and summer holidays are a brilliant opportunity to meet with children and young people in a Christian context, to share in activities, games, group times and mealtimes and to help them to experience a temporary Christian community. Holidays run for between 5 and 10 days working with children from age 9 to 18, and are based at one of our own centres or camp sites, or at other locations in the UK.

Each team of volunteers works under a Team Leader appointed by SU. As a volunteer team member with SU Scotland, we ask that you work within our guidelines for good working practice under the instruction of the Team Leader. This should include provision of the training, materials and support you need to carry out the task. What we ask of you is that you give yourself wholeheartedly to the work with the young people in your care.

There are lots of different jobs to do and some very practical, background tasks; others will be much more involved with the young people, leading groups, games, crafts; taking part in the range of activities with the children. Whatever your gifts are, they will be able to be used at an SU Holiday.

You need to be:
  • Over 16 (if you are under 18 you will be given supervised responsibilities as a Trainee Leader)
  • Available during the school holidays 
  • Keen to share your faith with children and young people
Contact the volunteers department for more information, or download the forms you need to apply today!

Visit the SU Holidays website to read more about adventure Holidays for children and young people aged 9-18.