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Volunteers are SU Scotland's greatest resource, and we have some amazingly talented ones in Motiv8 Holidays! 

Do I need experience to volunteer on a Motiv8 holiday?

You don't need to have had experience of working with young people from priority areas, although that would certainly help!  What you do need is a willingness to learn; lots of energy; patience; and a heart to see children and young people from difficult backgrounds meet Jesus!  Please don't be put off if you're older.  Some of the most significant relationships on Motiv8 holidays are between young people and 'granddad/grandma' age adults.

Will I be supported?

Motiv8 Holidays are demanding physically, emotionally and spiritually!  In recognition of this, Motiv8 Holidays start with a weekend of team training, to get to know each other and get advice on how to work with more challenging young people.  The Team leader has overall responsibility to ensure that you are supported during the week, and there are daily team times for prayer, studying the Bible, and relaxing together.  

How can I volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers in a number of key roles.

  • Volunteer as a group leader:
Group leaders co-lead small groups of about 5-8 campers.  You'll be with your group all day; whether it's getting alongside and encouraging them in a challenging activity like rock climbing; or chatting through spiritual stuff and sharing your testimony in the evenings.  Group leaders need enthusiasm, patience and a sense of humour!  Showing GRACE, in the face of difficult behaviour is probably the number one skill you'll need to learn!
  • Volunteer as a cook or as a 'general help:
We need volunteer cooks and assistant cooks (you don't need to be professionals!) and also people to come and be around as general helpers; whether it's driving a mini bus, setting up an activity or giving a child/young person a listening ear.  There's no job too small to make a difference on a Motiv8 Holiday!
  • Volunteer as a travel leader:
We need adults who are willing to accompany the children from their home communities to the Motiv8 Holiday.

 To volunteer for any of the above roles contact volunteers unit.

Further Information

For more information on Motiv8 holidays contact

Volunteers Stories

This year it was good to see some new trainee leaders (aged 16-17) coming onboard.  Matthew, who was a camper at an Easter Motiv8 Holiday, went on to serve as an assistant group leader, and an assistant cook at two summer Motiv8 Holidays after attending SU's training event T.L.P in May!  

Many volunteers speak of being hugely blessed during Motiv8 Holidays.  Gil, a first-time SU volunteer, is a case in point. Gil felt God calling her to work with vulnerable young people earlier this year, although she had very little experience of youth work.  As she prayed, she heard about the Motiv8 training Beauty for Ashes (Add link), and felt God clearly telling her to go.  She then helped at a Motiv8 Holiday, and afterwards told me that although a completely new experience, she loved seeing God use her to share His love with urban young people.

Perhaps you or someone you know would like the same opportunity?  If so, please get in touch!