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On A Mission...

SU Scotland Missions and holiday clubs reach hundreds of children and young people in their home environment or whilst on holiday. They happen from one end of the country to the other, each with its own distinctive feel and programme.

Your Mission...... should you choose to accept it...... is to be a volunteer!

You might find yourself working in a scheme in an inner city, a rural Highland community, or on the beach in Arran! You can be involved in small group work, drama, music, games, crafts, cooking, helping with the bookstall - the list is almost endless!

If you are over 18 (or 16/17 and would like to be a trainee leader) and have a heart for the young people of Scotland, why not consider joining a church-based or holiday mission team?

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More information is available from James Gill, Missions Coordinator.

Email: james.gill@suscotland.org.uk

or contact:

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