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SU Scotland offer volunteers training for leading sessions in Archery and Trail Cycling, as well as a one-day first aid course, Food Hygiene Course and Catering training days.

For further information or to book for any of the training days, please email or call 0141 352 7609.

All training days (apart from food hygiene courses) are held at Lendrick Muir.


Activities Training

To be approved to lead either Archery or Trail Cycling you will need to attend a Day 1 and a Day 2.

Trail Cycling

Day 1 - 23rd June
Day 2 - 24th June

Day 1 - 26th June at Alltnacriche
Day 2 – 27th June at Alltnacriche


Day 1 - 23rd June
Day 2 - 24th June

Day 1 - 26th June at Alltnacriche
Day 2 - 27th June at Alltnacriche

First Aid

30th May
22nd June 

The aim of each training day is to give attendees the skills they need to lead a safe and enjoyable Trail Cycling or Archery session, as well as to perform quick and basic maintenance normally required during an event.

Each day can accommodate 8 people for Archery and 8 people for Trail Cycling training.

Those intending to lead Trail Cycling will also need to hold a current First Aid qualification which needs to be outdoor specific.


Renewing your training

Please note that:

Archery Training needs to be renewed every 3 years and this can only be done by attending a Day 2 or by arranging to run some sessions at Lendrick Muir under observation (please contact us to arrange this).

Trail Cycling training needs to be renewed every two years, either by attending the update course/furthering skills day or a Day 2. Individuals who have completed the 2 day Trail Cycle training are required to attend an update or refresher course every 2 years. This course will reinforce information from the 2 day course and build on previous learning.


Catering & Food Hygiene Training

Please contact the Volunteers Unit if you are interested in attending an Elementary Food Hygiene Course or a Catering Training Day.


Information for Team Leaders

Trail Cycling and Archery must only be led by people who have been trained to do so. Training from other organisations may be sufficient; please contact us to discuss.

If your event offers these activities, please ensure that at least one person from your team has completed training. If you anticipate that this will not be possible, please contact us as soon as possible.