Promoting SU Holidays

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We'd like to get the message out far and wide about our holidays and we need some help. Are there children and young people you know who might be interested in an SU Holiday? Are there ways that you can pass on information, provide support or get more actively involved? We are looking for supporters, promoters, encouragers and volunteers.

In 2012, 1938 young people came to an SU Holiday. 95% said it was fantastic or very good. 66% of them had been before, many of them again and again, so we know just how much young people enjoy and appreciate these events.


"The best part of the holiday was the family atmosphere and community that it built." (camper)

"Camp brings me closer to God." (camper)

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Help us get this message out and about to people who might not hear any other way!


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Be a promoter

Could you introduce SU Holidays at your church or school?

We can provide brochures, a short film, a Powerpoint presentation and A4 posters.

Just get in touch and tell us what you need. Call us on 0141 352 7621 or email