Motiv 8 Referrers

Young people are referred onto an SU Holiday by their youth worker or SU Group leader. The aim of Motiv8 Holidays is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for young people from priority areas to explore the Christian faith. In order to do this we ask that referrers send a known adult to come on the holiday as a leader.  

Referrers can also request Motiv8 places at mainstream SU Holidays for any young people in their groups who do not have specific behavioural issues.

All Motiv8 places (at a Motiv8 Holiday or on an SU Holiday) are heavily subsidised, with each child only being asked to pay £50. 

How do I become a Motiv8 Holiday referrer?

  1. Check the criteria below
  2. Contact John Nonhebel, Urban Ministries Leader by calling 0141 352 7635 or emailing to discuss your situation. 

Criteria for becoming a Motiv8 Holidays referrer

If you can answer yes to the following questions you may be able to become a Motiv8 Holidays referrer. 

  1. Do you have weekly contact with children and young from deprived backgrounds through a church group/Christian organisation?
  2. Is the area that you work in significantly affected by poverty?
  3. Are the children and young people you work with unable to pay more than £50 for an SU Holiday?
  4. Are you willing to come with the children and young people you refer to Motiv8 Holidays, or send other adults the children know?
  5. Are you are willing to work within SU Scotland's statement of faith?