Religious Observance Resources and Information

The following resources are important documents concerning Religious Observance (RO). All of these documents are also available to download on the right hand side of this page.

Religious Observance Review Group Report

This report, published in 2004, was the result of four years of consulation with the Scottish public, including many Scripture Union Scotland Supporters and staff.  This important document supported Circular 1/2005 (see below). Download 'Religious Observance Review Group Report' (PDF).

Circular 1/2005

The key and current document which provides the guidance for the provision of Religious Observance in Scottish education. Download 'Circular 1/2005' (PDF).

The Religious Observance Template

Two documents to help our understanding of how to prepare Religious Observance events:

First Steps in Religious Observance

Where do we start in developing Religious Observance in our school? Download 'First Steps in Religious Observance' (PDF).

Religious Observance and Chaplaincy

This paper covers key elements in our understanding of the role of the school chaplain and how this doevetails with current legislation. Download 'Religious Observance and Chaplaincy' (PDF).

Religious Observance outside the school gates

RO need not be confined to assemblies or within the school. School trips and retreats of all kinds can become occasions for spiritual development. Two examples are:

  • Dunblane High School first year pupils went on a residential event to Lendrickmuir, an outdoor centre run by Scripture Union.
  • The whole school programme of Monifeith High School which gives opportunity in many ways for spiritual development.


Legal requirements and exemtions for using copyright materials during Religious Observance events in schools. Download 'Copyright' (PDF).